Thanks for not giving up!

perfect *-*

Read it - but it’s German!!

So with this post I say goodbye. I have vaction and travel for four weeks around the world. I am so excited :D Haha. I love you all and hope you have four fantastic weeks :DD

I love the three! Munro,Aislinn and Justin!! ♥♥

30 Days of Degassi!

Day 29: Something you love about Degrassi!

Soooo much, I can’t write it down. I love the character, and most of the storylines … ♥

Day 30: Something you dislike about Degrassi.

Some character or like Emma, her sotryline is really sh** and she is in the most of the episodes.. I don’t like that .

30 Days of Degrassi!

Day 28: Someone you want to cast in Deggrassi (male)!

IIan Somerhalder.! I have nothing to add! ♥

30 Days of Degrassi

Day 27: Someone you want to cast in Degrassi (female)!

Emma Watson. I adore her. She is so beautiful and a wonderful actress :) She would be perfect :D

30 Days of Degrassi!

Day 24: An episode you wish never happend..

The One were J.T. got murderd and the one were Eli found Cam dead.

Day 25: A character you are glaf is no longer on the  show..

Emma, I didn’t like Emma. It’s complicated to describe..

Day 26: Somethng you wish would happen in the show…

I think, everything happend there already.. :) So nope there is nothing..